Natal Consultations


I look at the birth chart from both traditional and modern perspectives. The aim is to provide concrete information about the nature and timing of life events while also allowing for the divinatory power of astrological symbolism to speak its own radical language. The client's needs and wishes are kept at the forefront of the conversation; as such, it is recommended that clients come to the consultation with specific questions or issues in mind. All conversations and correspondence are confidential. Consultations are conducted either in person at my office in the El Sereno section of Los Angeles or by phone or Skype. They can be recorded, with an audio file sent by email afterwards.

To cast the natal chart I need the date of birth, exact time of birth, and place of birth. If you do not know your time of birth, contact me to discuss available options.

Also please feel free to contact me with any special requests, or to inquire about trades , sliding-scale rates, and gift readings for friends and family.

Email me to schedule an appointment.


Comprehensive • $180

Highly recommended for first-time clients, this 90-minute reading give us the space to explore the foundational symbolism of the birth chart. These consultations often include an introduction to the chart's notable astronomical features, an analysis of temperament, an extended look at the placements of the Moon and Mercury, and the consideration of certain periods from the past that allow us to fully understand how the astrology is working in tangible, real-world terms. We then move on to a discussion of the present and the future, fully investigating life areas (work, relationships, health, creativty, etc.) specified by the client.


Focused • $120

Intended primarily for repeat clients, a 60-minute reading is designed to address present and future concerns, provide an overview of the months or year to come, and explore a particular facet of the birth chart in greater detail. It is also appropriate for first-time clients who have already had some exposure to their charts, and for those who want either a basic introduction to their chart's foundational symbolism or to address a particular area of focus.


Essay • $100 when purchased with consultation, $200 without

Essays, about 1500 words in length, allow for in-depth reflection on key themes in the birth chart, list and synthesize important dates, and provide rich narrative imagery that invites the client to connect to astrological symbolism in unexpected ways. Clients report that they continue to refer to essays months and even years after receiving them. As a poet, art writer, and translator, these represent one of my favorite ways of interacting with charts. Especially recommended for first-time clients.


Astrology is a form of divination. All information provided in astrological consultations is intended as additional perspective only. Specialists in any field of inquiry, especially regarding financial and medical issues, should also be consulted. All decisions and actions undertaken subsequent to consultation are the sole responsibility of the client.